September 8, 2012

Washington D.C.

Labor Day weekend we headed to Washington D.C. for some fun.  The first day was extremely hot.  The second day was also hot, but a little more bearable.  Even though we tried to take the same relaxed approach as we did in Boston we found we were all pretty cranky and grumpy, because of the heat.  In hindsight we should have planned this trip a little better ahead of time.  (The reality is the week before we went I planned on planning the trip, but Simon was incredibly sick, so I held a cranky baby all day and night instead of planning...such is life.)

Brian got off early Friday so we could beat the traffic out of the city on a holiday weekend.  Unfortunately he didn't get off early enough (2pm??) we sat in traffic in SoHo for about an hour before we were able to get through the Holland Tunnel.  The kids napped, but then they were awake the rest of the drive.  A drive that should have taken 4 hours actually took 7.  It was a tad grueling, to say the least, but the kids were amazing.

We look forward to going back and doing D.C. better.  Here's what I will do differently next time: go in the spring or fall (not summer!), map out a few favorite sites/museums each day (double check operating hours), and carry more food with us.
the white house
Oliver's silly song/dance in front of the Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
Wide-eyed Isabella asked, "Was he really that big?!"
the Capitol
A highlight of the trip was the National Postal Museum (thanks for the tip, Heather!).  It's a fairly new Smithsonian Museum with lots of interactive stuff for the kids (and adults!) to do.  I really had no idea the history of the postal system could be so fun.

And for a healthy dose of reality, this is how Oliver saw the sites.
Lincoln Memorial
National Gallery of Art
National Building Museum

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