January 29, 2008

Furniture Find

The red color matches our love seat perfectly.
I like swirls.

With all of the space in our new apartment I feel like I can finally get some furniture...like a real adult. Brian and I have been wanting more seating in our living room (We only had very small loveseat.) and some dining chairs. I think it is so hard to shop for furniture. It's either expensive and nice or cheap and not nice. And it's a commitment either way. We went searching through Ikea but didn't find anything that we liked at a price we liked. I guess that's the problem with a big apartment and a small budget. So, I searched everyday on craigslist until I found a few items I thought we might like. Last Saturday I picked up a Honda Element Zipcar to haul all my new finds. I was going to get some very nice dining chairs, but the owners decided they wanted to keep them at the last minute. Bummer!

The chair is originally from Pier 1, and it still in great condition. The only problem was the back cushion had lost some of it's "fluff", so we added some leftover memory foam that we bought for our bed and stuffed that inside. Now it is perfect!
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