June 30, 2013

June...in a nutshell!

Let's see if I can catch up again...or at all.  I'm hoping to post highlights of each month until I catch up.  So these next few posts will be extra photo heavy; if you can imagine.  But I hope friends and family enjoy.

Some scenes from Connecticut
Oliver turned 4 years old June 11!
strawberry picking

Back in Manhattan

Museum Mile Festival

Four years ago (from this photo) Brian took a photo of me with a very large pregnant, uncomfortable, overdue belly.  What a blessing this sweet boy has been!
Shakespeare in the Park.  My all-time favorite NYC summer date.
Double date in Brooklyn with good friends.  The Big Quiz Thing was a blast.  We got a prize for lowest score!

Cape Cod
We bought a minivan and started exploring again.

Back in Connecticut & NYC

Cherry picking
Morning run around the Jackie O. Reservoir
Epic water fight in Central Park.  Masses of people came and threw water at each other; we stayed on the outskirts. 
Fingers crossed July's update will follow soon!

June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Wishing my big boy the happiest of birthdays today.  I can't believe he is 4 years old!  Today is a day I will always reflect on the beauty and joy this child has brought into my life.  I am forever grateful he is mine.  As I take time to remember his dramatic, scary birth I express endless gratitude for modern medicine, amazing doctors, and the "she-woman" strength I was blessed with when it was time to push him out.  What an amazing gift Oliver is!
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