April 15, 2009

What we've been up to...

Listening to tunes at Borders

Testing out "baby bruh-der's" new cradle

Experimenting with cotton candy machines
(for an upcoming "science of candy" party)

Visiting Pier 84 in Midtown. One of our favorite spots.

Trying on shoes and bags at thrift stores.

Eating at the Shake Shack way too frequently.

And, just being goofy...that's what we do best!

Beautiful Green

These are some lovely photos I came across on the web (not sure where), but I think I'm so drawn to them because of the of green. I always love green trees and they are probably one of my favorite things on this earth. Right now I really want spring to come. I do love summer so. I know it is hot and humid, but summer is when all things are bright, vibrant, alive. I am ready!

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