July 24, 2006

Our first visit to New Hampshire to see Angela, Jon & wonderful little Sabrina. Posted by Picasa
A perfect fit! Posted by Picasa
A happy day for Brian...the grand opening of the new Apple store on Fifth Ave. Posted by Picasa
Now that's a BIG python! Snakes & Lizard's exhibit in the American Museum of Natural History. Posted by Picasa
Brian finishing the Corporate Challenge race in Central Park. Posted by Picasa
I think our little girl may come out as a sweet, juicy blueberry. I ate so many! Posted by Picasa
Angela and me with the delicious fruits of our labor. Posted by Picasa
On the 4th of July we ventured to the overly crowded Coney Island. Despite the horrid, humid heat we had fun and rode the oldest ferris wheel: The Wonder Wheel. Posted by Picasa
4th of July in New York City. The fireworks were spectacular. Posted by Picasa
This was an early morning walk I took on the Bridal Path in Central Park. I love the bridges! Posted by Picasa
I had a lot of fun rowing the boat. Posted by Picasa
It was such a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Central Park we decided to take a boat out on the lake. Posted by Picasa
Brian loving me with his eyes. Posted by Picasa
Sunday afternoon in Central Park
Posted by Picasa
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