November 21, 2008


The newest Carini Bambini is scheduled to arrive June 4, 2009!

We are so very, very, very excited!

I just got back from my 12 week visit at the doctor and the baby is strong and healthy. I've been so concerned because I have not felt sick (silly, I know). I was quite queasy with Isabella. But in March I had a miscarriage (same weekend as my 30th birthday...awful!) and had not felt very sick with that pregnancy, so I assumed this one might turn out the same way. Fortunately we seem to be in the clear! With very little morning sickness! Yeee--haw!

This morning when I had to go to the doctor Isabella was upset so I tried to explain, "I have a baby in my belly and the doctor is going to make sure the baby is healthy and strong." We talked about it for a while. As I was putting my shoes and coat on she kept saying to me, "baby" "doctor" "belly" "strong!" After reassuring her that is what it was all about she said, "Later!" "shaio, shaio!" (ciao, ciao!)
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