May 22, 2009


Not sure why, at this exact moment, I all of a sudden really want a hot dog with mustard. I haven't had many cravings during this pregnancy, other than chocolate and ice cream (but I crave that all the time, even when I'm not pregnant).

Seriously! A hot dog with mustard...crazy.

Two weeks until the official due date. I went in for my weekly check and surprisingly, I'm dilated to a 2. I wasn't sure my body could actually do it! Last time around Isabella was two weeks late, natural induction techniques were used to start labor, and then after laboring for 20 hours I was only dilated to a 2. So, I'm pretty excited about this!

I think that deserves a hot dog with mustard followed by a huge chocolate ice cream cone! Yum!

The New York Aquarium

Last week I took Isabella to the New York Aquarium. It was a lot of fun and she really enjoyed it, but for me...I've been fortunate to go to (and work at) some fantastic, super nice aquariums. So, it was fun, but unimpressive.

The aquarium is right near Coney Island so we ventured out to nearby Brighton Beach. Isabella was tired and we didn't last long. Oh, how I love the beach, even for a brief New York City minute.


A couple weeks ago we went to one of the Hudson River Piers and enjoyed the kite festival. At first there was zero wind, but within a few minutes the wind finally came and the ski was filled with so many different kites. It was very cool!

Spring Finally Sprang

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