May 2, 2006

I teach cooking to children at the New York Kids Club. It is a lot of fun! Some of my classes are full of 2 year olds, which can be a wild, fun adventure! Here's the website, if you want to check it out.
The Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It was so beautiful! Posted by Picasa
Cherry Blossoms! Posted by Picasa
Brian in the lilac garden. The fragrance was absolutely intoxicating! Posted by Picasa
The light rain that day made Central Park vibrant and alive. The birds were singing, but the people were scarce...just the way I like it! Posted by Picasa
Central Park in April. Posted by Picasa
The first big protest I encountered in New York City. Anyone with any complaint about anything was there. I wanted to make a sign, "I'm protesting my right to get home from work without pushing my way through protestors." Posted by Picasa
This is Easter Sunday at Central Park. It was an absolutely perfect day. (But not my best photo.) Posted by Picasa
The cute Krause kids! I taught them a science lesson every week. They were good sports and let me try new experiments on them (or rather, with them). They just moved and will be missed. Posted by Picasa
Our first ultrasound. The top picture is her little hand; she was waving. Isn't she a cutie! Posted by Picasa
Chinese New Year in Chinatown. You pull a string in the tube and confetti flies out the top. The streets were completely covered in bright confetti. Posted by Picasa
Silas at the Museum of Natural History while the Reeders visited us in Manhattan. He still talks about the "underground trains" that he LOVED riding. Posted by Picasa
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