February 23, 2011

Amazing Women!

In 2010 a total of 18 babies were born in our congregation at church.  Each family received 14 days of delicious, homemade meals delivered by foot, bus, subway, etc. by other members of the congregation.  That makes a total of 252 meals delivered last year.

These women are amazing and I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to share this bit of my life with them.  Thirteen of the 18 are pictured in order of baby birth, oldest to youngest; boys in the back, girls in front.

Simply beautiful!

Wacky Weather

Last week we got a brief reprieve from this bitter winter.  It was fabulous.  Winter went on vacation for a couple of days and then return in full force on President's Day.

Thursday, February 17th

Friday, February 18th
It was so fantastically warm!  We ended up in Chinatown enjoying some yummy dumplings from Tasty Dumplings.

Monday, February 21st
Sledding and wandering in Central Park

Let's Play Cafe

In an effort to keep us all happy and sane in February (the longest, shortest month of the year) I've searched for some fun ideas to do with the kids.  This is one activity Isabella asks to do everyday and both kids love it!  I got the idea here.  I made a menu and acted as a waitress.  Isabella and "her son" (aka Oliver) come to my restaurant and have drinks.  (Every drink on the menu, to be precise.)  When the drinking is all done Isabella and I add up her bill and count her pennies.

Pieces of Art

I try and do some art with the kids everyday.  Sometimes it is just drawing with crayons on white paper other times it is a big project.  Here's a recent favorite Isabella and I did while Oliver was napping.  I first came across the idea here and then a friend did a similar fun, fantastic project with her kiddos.

This is what we did:

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