April 3, 2013

New Orleans

We had a great time in New Orleans.  My first impression was that it was bigger, dirtier, and stinkier than I had expectated.  And I worried that my expectations had been too unrealistic to enjoy what the city had to offer.  Friday evening we wandered a bit around the French Quarter and landed for a bite at Cafe Beignet and listened to some live Jazz.  That's when I began to like the place.  As soon as we woke up Saturday morning and started walking around the French Quarter I fell in love.  All that street music!    Every block was some kind of performance: magic, stunts, juggling, dancing.  But I loved the music: cajun, creole, jazz, etc.

We loved the French Quarter!  We also loved Audubon Park, the Garden District, making new friends at church, seeing the Mississippi (and learning more about its importance), trying gumbo and jambalaya, driving down Magazine Street.  And, I finally learned the difference between a Cajun and a Creole!  (hint: the definition of a creole is not definitive...) I would love to go back to New Orleans.

I never made the connection until I saw this.  My two boys combined make the "one of the most influential politicians in the history of the Americas"...almost.  :)  Although I'm still not quite sure why there is a statue of Simon Bolivar in the middle of New Orleans.

So many wedding bands/parades/celebrations.  Seriously fun!

Walking along the foggy Mississippi.

St. Luis Cathedral
A muffuletta sandwich at Central Grocery
Fog rolling in off the Mississippi.

Making friends.
He cut himself shaving...they grow up so fast.

The kids napped in the car and we enjoyed some sweet sunshine and green grass at Audubon Park.
A little alone time with hot cocoa and postcard writing one morning...bliss.
There's a claw in my gumbo!  
Cooling off in Jackson Square.
He fell asleep like this during quiet time...poor tired boy!
Inside St Luis Cathedral
Sunrise on our little balcony near Bourbon Street.
Love all the balconies.
Fun at the Louisiana Children's Museum
Beads were hanging from most of the trees in the Garden District.
Entertaining tired boys on a long trolley ride.
New Orleans, we will be back!
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