February 17, 2013

The Big Plan

Brian and I like to play around with ideas.  Sometimes big ideas.  Like living in New York City.  Or raising 3 kids in New York City.  Or starting a business.  Or traveling for a month on a super cool JetBlue pass.  You know, the crazy, potentially life changing, kind of ideas.

We had always hoped and planned on taking a sabbatical from work and our everyday life.  Brian was in the process of changing jobs and with much research, thought, and prayer we knew we had the opportunity to travel as a family.  We also knew these opportunities don't come very often, so we decided to dive in and just do it!  With much planning and working late into the night we were able to budget, organize and accomplish what was needed to make this trip happen.  From subletting our apartment to homeschooling Isabella.  It wasn't easy.  We had about a month between when we decided to go for it and when we left.  That's not much time to plan a 3+ month adventure for a family of five.  But we are doing it.  It is working and we are enjoying it.

Originally we had planned to do the entire USA in 3 months.  But after much discussion and contemplation Brian and I decided we wanted to travel slowly and thought it best if we only committed to the southeast states.  That way we could take our time and enjoy the journey as much as possible.

We are planning on driving through (or briefly into) 19 states and exploring 6 national parks.  Since we are taking our time we hope to really get to know the South and experience it; not just as tourists.

A few factors are making this trip possible for us right now:
  • Brian was in the process of changing jobs, so it was a good time to take a break from work
  • We have a good amount of savings in the bank
  • Our landlord was willing to let us sublet our apartment
  • Isabella is easily homeschooled
  • Brian's sister works for Sheraton and we are able to get a good discount on hotels (as availability permits)

I found some very fun family travel blogs while researching for ours.  Many have inspired us and really pushed us in this direction.  Here are some of my favorites:

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