November 22, 2011


Yes, I know it is two days before Thanksgiving and I'm finally posting photos of the kids on Halloween!  But they are too cute to not share.

The weekend before Halloween I took advantage of Old Navy's sale and got a costume for Simon.  The costumes were only $3.50, so I picked up a bunch for the kids dress-up box.  Isabella was going to be Supergirl, but decided on a bumble bee instead.   Oliver was going to be a monkey, but was a shark at one celebration and a dragon at another.

I love how the city opens its doors, literally, to kids on Halloween.  I love that we can walk down Columbus Avenue and trick-or-treat to all the shops.  Hoity-toity boutiques excitedly welcome the costumed, sticky youngsters for just a few hours every year.  It's so much fun!

Halloween + Kids + NYC = Awesome!

The first two photos were from the church Halloween party the Saturday before Halloween (the day of the big snow).

The kids went trick-or-treating to the classroom doors at the church.  Oliver passively watched Isabella at the first door.  It was fun to watch the lightbulb click in his little mind as he quickly opened his bag.  He was in sweet, sugary heaven. 
Getting ready to trick-or-treat on the Upper West Side.

Meeting up with friends.
Isn't he delicious?

Trick-or-treating on W 69th St.  They close down the whole street, decorate and let the little ghouls run amuk.
Running into a gazillion friends along the way.
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