September 29, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

Right now I'm grateful for several things:

  • This may sound silly, but I'm so glad today is a Jewish holiday.  (Silly, because I'm a Mormon--yes, we do believe in Christ.)  Here, Jewish holidays are recognized and so Isabella gets today (and tomorrow) off of school.  (That never happened in CA when I was growing up.)  
  • It's a raining today.  So we are just chillin', calm and easy, inside.  No pressure to run around on adventures.  If it wasn't raining we'd probably be at the Bronx Zoo.
  • Isabella is still in her pajamas.  This morning I never said, "You need to ... now!"
  • All morning she has been playing with her toys.  Something she hasn't had time to do much of since school started.  
  • Right now she's spontaneously gluing, painting, stamping, drawing, etc.  Imagination and creativity are thriving today.  It feels good.
  • Oliver has joined in creating more than ever before.  He's mostly cutting and gluing galore.
  • I finally painted Isabella's nails.  Something I've been promising, and putting off, for well over a week.
  • I'm so glad I have today and tomorrow (and the weekend) to have my little girl around.  I've missed her so much!!!

It is a beautiful day!
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