October 20, 2010

Right Now

Looking for signs of fall in Central Park with friends.

Isabella's Party

Since we flew back to New York City only a few days before Isabella's 4th birthday I decided to put off the party for another week.  Last Saturday we met with friends in Central Park to celebrate our sweet girl.  The day was quite windy and a bit chilly, but everyone seemed to have a great time.  Isabella loved playing with all her friends.  The big birthday drama was when the wind blew out her candles and she thought one of the kids had.  Thank you, Lauren, for playing photographer at the party!

This is on her birthday, Oct 7.  She makes wonderful pizzas!

Getting ready for the party.  Yes, sprinkles were everywhere.  But it was so fun!

Oliver helping with the party prep.  He loves to help in the kitchen.

It was quite windy!
Second try at the candles...notice Isabella's sad little lip.

We love our friends!
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