December 12, 2008

Family came, and we played...

Brian had a dance off with brother Spencer in Toys R Us.
They drew quite the crowd.

Isabella continued to adore cousin Roman and laughed at everything he did.

We got to see the famous Philippe Petit perform at the Cathedral of St John the Divine.
His performance was silent but Isabella was captivated during the whole show.
*Celeb sighting*: David Duchovny was picked at random to help hold up Philippe's tightrope.

Just chillin' with Spencer and Roman.

Cute Pics

She loves to wear her daddy's shirts.

She really was happy and cheery with these stickers on her cheeks.


It was so fun to make a batch of homemade playdough with Isabella and then she entertained herself for about a half hour while I worked on dinner. I loved it. We made a simple, no cook, no cream of tartar batch. But the cooked, cream o' tartar stuff turns out much nicer. Each time we play with this stuff it gets our hands all grimy. Which means Isabella keeps wanting to wash her hands and then go back and play some more.

Here's a good website, instructables, that shows how to make the good stuff.
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