June 9, 2011

Wonder Women

While growing up I don't remember having anyone I considered my hero.  (Although, I thought it would be super cool to be Punk Brewster!)  Fortunately, I have been surrounded by amazing women my entire life.  Right now is no different.  There are so many amazing women in my life that touch me and teach me.  They are truly, my superheros!

Recently, two women I admire have been interviewed (by different people) and their stories, published.  I hope to, someday, be more like these women.

The first is a brief video about Mehrsa who use to live in Harlem when we lived there.  I really look up to Mehrsa.

The second is a Q&A with Lorinda, who is raising six(!!!) kids in NYC.  I've only spoken with her on a couple of occasions, but I've always felt inspired when I'm around her.

Why didn't I learn my lesson...

Less than 24 hours later from the fruit munching incident, I went into the bedroom to get the kids' clothes for the day.  I was gone for two minutes!  This is what happened:

No, it's not regular lotion...it's self-tanning lotion, of course.  If you see a blond oompa loompa wandering NYC, that's my boy!

Guess which mischievous little boy turns two on Saturday?!
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