August 28, 2010

Right Now

What a lovely afternoon at the Roaring 20's party on Governor's Island.

August 26, 2010

Right Now

Enjoying a perfectly pleasant evening at the pier.
Today = Perfection

Right Now

Enjoying a perfectly pleasant morning in the park.

August 24, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

We had a fabulous weekend.  Full of fun, too much fun, if that is at all possible.  (I'm still exhausted and it's Tuesday!)

Friday evening we played with friends and ate pizza on their terrace.  Then walked(?!)--Isabella scooted most of the way--from W69th St to W 10th St (about 3.5 miles) and watched Annie on the Hudson River.  We didn't stay for the whole movie but really enjoyed the entire crowd singing The Sun will Come Out.  It made me smile!  Isabella promptly fell asleep in the stroller while Brian and I strolled around the West Village and ate Waffles and Dinges from a truck.  Pure, pricey deliciousness!

Saturday morning we woke up early.  With Brian's brother, sister, and two nephews we hopped on bikes (threw the kids in trailers) and spent the day pedaling the city.  It was the last week of Summer Streets, so we rode down Park Ave.  We stopped briefly at the new, fantastic Imagination Playground at the South Street Seaport then caught the ferry to Governor's Island.  After Governor's Island (and tasting the most delicious treats from Blue Marble Ice Cream) we rode back home on the Greenway along the Hudson River.  It was a perfect, fun day!

Here are a lot of favorite photos:

August 21, 2010

Right Now

Enjoying a beautiful day biking, playing, and swinging on Governor's
Island. Yes, another perfect Saturday!

August 19, 2010


That's all I can say.  This wonderful boy is 100% pure, adorable TROUBLE!

August 18, 2010

Right Now

Mazes make me sleepy...

For the last two weeks I've attempted to get us back onto a decent schedule; but it has, obviously failed.  My efforts have been thwarted by days of vomit, diarrhea, teething, and the pure exhaustion (in us all) that accompanies such.  Some beautiful summer days have been spent inside working to get Oliver to nap, him finally napping, and then Isabella falling asleep about the time he wakes up.  And I'm plain worn out!  I'm dreaming of more than 3 hours of sleep tonight!

August 11, 2010

A Step Back in Time

Last week we had a car in New York City.  It was fun and we tried to take advantage of cool stuff that is hard to get to via public transportation.  On Wednesday we went and explored Fosterfields Living Historical Farm.  It was better than I expected; not just another trip to see farm animals, but an actual working farm.  Men in denim and straw hats harvesting oats from the field with horse and wagon.  Okay, it did feel a bit like Amish Country.  But the kids were encouraged to participate in feeding the chickens, gathering eggs, watch the cows being milk, learn to wash laundry, etc.  We really loved it.

One thing is I wished I had planned a bit better.  It was about lunch time when we arrived and we weren't allowed to bring any food onto the farm (for the safety of the animals) so we didn't last long before the kids were super grouchy.  And it was a deadly hot day, so that only exacerbated the grumpiness.  A lot of the hands on demos and hands on activities were scheduled 2:30-5pm and we just didn't last that long.  So, I hope to go back again, maybe in the fall and be more prepared, so we can enjoy it even longer.

August 7, 2010

Swimming @ Summer Streets

Earlier today we enjoyed Summer Streets. It's when the city closes
Park Ave to cars for 7 miles (Central Park to Brooklyn Bridge) and
they set up all sorts of fun activities along the way. This year (it's
3rd year) they had large, never used, dumpsters set up as swimming
pools. It was fun, clean, well organized, and a little chilly.

August 1, 2010

Lobster Love

I've only eaten lobster a couple of times before going to Maine.  And, as delicious as it was, I think I've had my fill for the rest of the year.  We ate a lot of lobster.  On our way back from Acadia (the first time) we stopped by the Trenton Bridge Lobster Shack (just off of Desert Island).  Brian's dad recommended it and we loved it.  Supposedly the lobster is so good because they cook it in ocean water.

Acadia: Day 1

We just got back from our week long trip to paradise...I mean, Maine.  It was beyond wonderful.  The timeshare apartment (thank you to Brian's aunt!!!) was about the same size as our New York apartment (with a lot less stuff in it) and sat with a view of the ocean.

To sum up our trip in a handful of words: lobster, wild blueberries, ice cream, water, green, beautiful, and relaxing!

I'll be posting a lot of photos for the next few posts.  It was hard to pick just a few favorites, so I hope you like them!!!


We spend two days in Acadia National Park and loved it.  It was almost two hours north of where we were staying or else we probably would have been there more.

 First beautiful vista on our way in:

Jordan Pond:

We were doing our "windy dance," if you were wondering!

wild Maine blueberries
Bubble Pond:

Cadillac Mountain:

Isabella was a "turtle" and wouldn't take her head and arms out of her
sweatshirt because of the chilly wind.
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