May 10, 2010

Hiking Heublein Tower

A couple weekends ago we went to Connecticut for our usual weekend visit.  The weather was so perfectly gorgeous we decided to spend a bit of Saturday hiking up to Heublein Tower in Simsbury, CT.  The view was beautiful, but we probably picked the wrong time of day to go: right after lunch.  Isabella was tired and wanted to be carried a good portion.  She even fell asleep, in my arms, on the way down.

Oliver: 11 Months

Can you believe this was me last year?  That big, huge belly has turned into this amazing little boy:

I can't imagine our family without him.  What a joy!

He's just started crawling, very very slowly.  Loves to sing paddy-cake and itsy-bitsy spider.  Sweetly smiles at anyone who looks at him.  Becomes giddy when Isabella enters the room, until she smothers him with loves or takes a toy away.  He hates having anything removed from his hands (he screams!).  Thinks it's funny to put non-edibles in his mouth and have mama attempt to dig them out.  Uses his morning oatmeal as a facial and hair gel.  Has fallen in love with bath time (except hair washing).  And makes some really silly expressions (see above): scrunched up nose, fish lips, etc.

Oliver, we love you!


I know, I KNOW!  We went to Savannah over a month ago and I'm barely posting photos!  Caring for two little ones in New York City is no walk in the park (although we do frequently walk in the park), and down time is very minimal. 

Riding on Phil & Paula's boat through the intercoastal waterways.  The girls, both named Isabella and 6 mos apart, are too much alike: so sweet and so very stubborn.  

 SCAD was having a fun festival while we were hanging out in downtown Savannah.  And it was Isabella's chance to finally sit on a double-decker bus. (Before this she kept asking to ride those tour buses around NYC.)

Relaxing: Southern Style

Tasting freshly pulled salt water taffy at the candy shop.  Delicious!

Sweaty, sweety

The fountain at Forsyth Park at night.  Isn't it perfect?!

Lunch at the Crab Shack

The boys at the beach

Biking with Daddy

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

Another on Driftwood Beach

We took a very long walk along Driftwood Beach.  It was stunningly beautiful.

Sunset on Jekyll Island.
  It was a beautiful, fun, exhausting day.  We tried oysters for the first time (raw and cooked...I prefer cooked).

Savannah was amazing, beautiful, fabulous, etc.  We loved it!  And we are so grateful for Brian's cousin, Paula, for allowing us to hang out at her home the whole week.

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