October 13, 2011

Isabella: 5 years!

I just realized this never got posted on her birthday (almost a week ago)!  Life is busy.  I had planned to write more about her and her life this last year, but it hasn't happened.  (Hopefully I can get to it soon.)  But I hope you enjoy the photos!

Oh, my sweet Isabella turns 5 years old today!  She has changed me forever.  I am so grateful that this amazing little girl is my little girl.  She is so patient with me and so forgiving as I learn how to be a mom.

5 days old: apt in Hell's Kitchen
6 months: apt in Hell's Kitchen
1 year: Sheep Meadow, Central Park
18 months: Conservatory Gardens, Central Park
2 years: W 110th & CPW Playground, Central Park
2 & 1/2 years: The Ramble, Central Park
3 years: apt in Harlem
3 & 1/2 years: Times Square
4 years: Upper West Side
4 & 1/2 years: Macy's
5 years: The Hudson River

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