May 26, 2010

Hudson River Park

Hey New Yorkers, have you been to the beautiful, new piers along the Hudson River?!  Just north of Chelsea Piers.  I love that the city is turning all the old, run-down piers into beautiful parks.  This evening Brian met us for a picnic dinner on Pier 63 and then he and Isabella rode the carousel on Pier 62.

Unique New York #8

Yes, I know I'm a complete slacker with my New Year's resolution.  But I think of it often and I'm still taking photos; just not as many as I wanted.  I will post them, I will.

But this is one of those things that I LOVE about New York.  My good friend, Roxy, told me about this place years ago.  I enjoy sewing on my old, hand-me-down Singer, but I still haven't quite figured out how to get the button hole attachment to work (without breaking my needles!!).  Projects will often sit, unfinished for months, until I give in and take them to this little store in the Fashion District.

It's called Jonathan's and it is on W 38th St, between 7th & 8th Aves (closer to 8th, on the south side).

 I love that there's a tiny spot to help me finally complete those little projects for just a couple bucks.

My Girl

I guess I've overdone it!  Too many photos!  Isabella is rarely willing to look and smile at the camera anymore.  (Most face shots are coincidental and she's "not so happy about that".)  But I still take photos...trying to possibly capture what she finds interesting.


There is something magical about the water fountains/sprinklers at New York City playgrounds.  There is much excitement (both for moms and kids) when the water gets switched on.  It's the city's way of declaring "SUMMER IS HERE!"

Saturday was a Special Day

Last Saturday all of the church youth in Manhattan (our stake) put on a huge block party and tag sale in order to raise money for scout camp and girls camp this summer.  It was an awesome success!  They closed down the entire street in front of the church building on the eastside.  The young women in our ward (12-18 year old girls in the congregation) chose to do a "pie throwing" booth to raise money.

Brian and I spent the day eating food off the grill and browsing through all the tag sale items.  We scored some great pieces of clothing and a couple nice toys.

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