February 24, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

Isabella: 8 months
I have to confess: I haven't been very grateful lately.  The goal of documenting things I'm grateful for was to help me cultivate a more positive attitude in my daily life.  But during the last week or so my thoughts have been, "I'm grateful February is finally half over." or "I'm grateful Oliver peed on the wood floor instead of the carpet." or "I'm grateful I didn't yell again today!"  Not the most positive thoughts, I know.  But that's where I was.  A small pity party for sure.

Fortunately, I seem to be out of that rut and moving forward.  Thank heaven's.

Yesterday as I was doing the dishes I was bemoaning the fact that our hot water is scalding hot.  Even with dish gloves on it can burn!  (It only takes a minute to get that water to boil!  Crazy, I know!)  I stopped myself from that downward spiral of negativity.  "What?!  I'm complaining that all I have to do is twist a faucet and clean, hot water pours into a sink?!"

That took me on an upward spiral of positive thoughts.  Reminding myself that I am so extremely wealthy and live in luxury.  I am one of the wealthiest people in the world.  I have all my needs and wants met.  I have an abundance of good food, warmth, education, health, freedom, etc.  I am SO blessed!  So fortunate!  So rich!

Today, I'm grateful for clean dishes and positive thoughts!
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