February 26, 2010

Snow Play

Amazingly, we have successfully avoided 3 out of 4 major snowstorms that have hit New York City (so far) this winter.  Could I have planned this trip any better?!  Yesterday we did snow California style.  One of the many fabulous things about growing up in California's central valley was we were always 2 hours from everything: San Franscico, beautiful beaches, and majestic mountains.  Each winter we'd drive to the snow as a family.  Play hard until we were wet, cold and tired.  After hours of playing we would warm up in dry clothes, fluffy blankets, and hot chocolate as we drove back home to the warm valley.

Yesterday afternoon, Kayle, one of my older brothers, took us to a sledding park near Tahoe (just an hour drive).  We had so much fun climbing the hills and sliding down several times before it got dark.  Kayle was so sweet and patient with Isabella and her determination to do it herself.  We ended the trip by warming up with mugs of hot chocolate.  It's tradition, of course!





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