February 26, 2010

Snow Play

Amazingly, we have successfully avoided 3 out of 4 major snowstorms that have hit New York City (so far) this winter.  Could I have planned this trip any better?!  Yesterday we did snow California style.  One of the many fabulous things about growing up in California's central valley was we were always 2 hours from everything: San Franscico, beautiful beaches, and majestic mountains.  Each winter we'd drive to the snow as a family.  Play hard until we were wet, cold and tired.  After hours of playing we would warm up in dry clothes, fluffy blankets, and hot chocolate as we drove back home to the warm valley.

Yesterday afternoon, Kayle, one of my older brothers, took us to a sledding park near Tahoe (just an hour drive).  We had so much fun climbing the hills and sliding down several times before it got dark.  Kayle was so sweet and patient with Isabella and her determination to do it herself.  We ended the trip by warming up with mugs of hot chocolate.  It's tradition, of course!





February 23, 2010


I am so glad we followed the sun two weeks ago!  We have two weeks left of our stay in California and it really feels like a dream at times.  We spent yesterday afternoon outside, sitting in the green grass, on a blanket, in the warm sunshine, eating snacks and reading stories.  It was heavenly.  This trip I've learned: I am solar powered!

Here are just a few favorite photos--mostly with cousins--from the last two weeks.






February 16, 2010

Cousin Love

We are having a blast playing with cousins, soaking up the warm sunshine and running in deep green grass here in Northern California.

I'll share some photos from my camera soon, but for now here are some fun ones Emma took with photo booth last night.  Before these photos were taken we all had lots of laughs and wrestling with a full on ice-down-the-shirt-war.  Isabella was ruthless!



February 8, 2010

Lens Love

Brian got me a new 35mm lens for my Nikon D40.  I love it!

Oliver: 8 Months

He's such an easy laugher.  If he is crying we can usually make him laugh-cry.  It's pretty hilarious.

Last week he finally sprouted his first tooth and it was a doozy.  Two days of 101+ fever, tears, constant mama holding, head rolling, the works.  I was certain (or hoping) that such an episode would have resulted in more than just one tooth, but no such luck. 

He loves:
pinching mama
an open mouth--constantly (see above)
putting everything in his mouth
pulling mama's hair
pulling Isabella's hair
laughing, laughing, laughing
peas & plums--baby food style
anything we are eating
watching daddy dance
screaming loudly, especially during quiet church meetings
making strangers make silly faces at him
blowing raspberries
sucking on his toes
making us all completely adore him
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