September 5, 2011

Hurricane Irene

In commemoration of Irene's 1 week + 1 day supposed destruction I'm finally posting some photos. 

Hurricane Irene was a rare event that combined strong feelings of anxiety, excitement, relief, disappointment, and gratitude, in that order.  I know it is completely silly to be disappointed that Irene wasn't as big of a deal as she could have been.  After days of watching and preparing for potential damage a few fallen branches just didn't feel worth the worry.

We took a bus up to Connecticut for the weekend.  Even though we had purchased the tickets weeks ahead of time it felt like we were evacuating the city before the impending disaster.  I am grateful we have family nearby that could take us in.  I have a fear of being trapped on an island (Manhattan is an island) with millions of of other people.  Perhaps I've watched too many movies where New York City gets destroyed.

There were some benefits from the whole experience:
*Isabella learned a lot about hurricanes.  She could explain the different categories.
*Follow our church leaders.  We were encouraged to prepare for a hurricane three weeks before Irene.
*How to be better prepared for future disasters.
*"Hurrication!" Brian had Monday off of work.

He stepped into the water before I realized it.  With socks, shoes and a concerned look.
Spencer made a video of Hurricane Irene (movie trailer style).  Watch it here.
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