March 14, 2011

Simon: 3 months

Sweet Simon loves to devour his hands.  He smiles, smiles, and smiles some more.  Occasionally we can get a good squeaky laugh out of him.  Isabella works pretty hard for a few of his rewarding giggles.  Simon squirms and squeals with delight when I bend over to pick him up; sure signs of a third baby--completely elated to have any bit of attention.  He rarely cries anymore, just kind of complains at times.  His bouncy seat has become his preferred place to chill and watch all the commotion.  He loves to watch me cook and loves to dance with his daddy.  Morning naps are awesome and last about 3 hours.  The rest of the day is iffy until the house is quiet and dark, then he will often settle down for the night and sleep 4-5 hours at a time until all the commotion begins again.

Simon summed up in one word: perfection!
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