March 8, 2013

The Carini's Crazy Adventure

We have been on the road for almost 2 weeks now.  I had the best intentions of posting about our adventures regularly, but, of course those intentions fell by the wayside.  I have a slew of excuses, not limited to, a lack of internet service, a week of sick kids and husband, and simply enjoying the adventure.  I'm hoping and planning on doing more detailed posts about how we are doing this (in a civic!).

In my attempt to catch up here is a photo journal of what we've done so far.  (Photos are unedited, otherwise I'd never get this posted!)  Warning: this will be lengthy and still missing a lot of what we've done...

We spent a week visiting family in Connecticut before our journey.
Isabella did not want to leave...poor kid
Just the beginning
We drove from Connecticut to NYC, swapped out our winter coats for sandals.  Here are the kids and the car completely ready to go on Saturday night.

We stopped and spent the night in Hanover, MD and then visited my cousin Tara in Arlington, VA.  She was so generous to make us lunch and let our kids run around her bachelorette pad.  We loved catching up after so many years.

We stopped in Raleigh, NC and stayed with my good friend (and former roommate) Jamie Person and her family.  We had such a great time meeting her kids and playing for two days.  It was totally mellow and low key (just what we needed after two days of driving).  We hung out at KidVenture one breezy day and the next day played at Marbles Kids Museum (possibly the best children's museum, I loved it...and so did the kids :0))

Mia, Simon and Mark
Using a real the museum...crazy!  And awesome!
Mia and Bella
The gang at Marbles Kids Museum
Jamie and Me!
Car ride photos


Honey tasting at Savannah Bee Company
Angel's BBQ
Savannah National Wildlife Refuge (in South Carolina, of course).

Then we finally made it to FLORIDA!!!

St. Augustine Beach

Fresh Florida strawberries
Pleasure Island in Orlando with cousin Jimmy and his family
Even though our stay at Clearwater Beach was cold we enjoyed the beauty.

After Clearwater we stayed a couple of days in Tampa.  Tampa was a great city and I'd love to spend more time there.

Glazer Children's Museum

Manatee Viewing Center near Tampa
Zipper Skin tangerine: so sweet and juicy!  From Fruitville Grove
Siesta Key Beach
Rotary Park in Cape Coral
Picking wildflowers near our hotel in Cape Coral
The hotel lost our reservation and then upgraded us to a 2 bedroom suite on a high floor.  We check out's gonna be hard to leave.
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