April 3, 2009

California Moments, part VI

The Final Photos!

Isabella misses her cousins Mary and Emma! She talks about them everyday!

With my dad & Nikki at their home in Modesto. My dad has converted most of his backyard to a beautiful, food producing garden. Very inspiring!

These are just a few photos I took after the funeral service for my Aunt Nancy. As sad as it is to loose Nancy I'm grateful that her battle with cancer is over. And I really enjoyed gathering with family and friends to remember her sweet, wonderful life.

Nancy in Guatemala, loving the little children.

California Moments, part VII

San Luis Obispo

Enjoying Grandpa Jones (Brian's grandpa)

Watching TV with Grandma Jones

Avila Beach

I love, love, love the beach!

Feeding the animals at Avila Farm

California Moments, part VI

Hiking "The Dish"
at Stanford

Now you don't see cows in Manhattan everyday.

A beautiful, hilly hike with amazing views. If you ever go, please know that there are two entrances and it's kind of a long walk. Just don't get stuck, tired, hungry and alone, with children after dark while husbands run a mile to the other entrance to get the cars. Stanford University: The Dish.

Palo Alto Creamery

So, the food was nothing to write home about, but the jukebox and ice cream...FABULOUS!

California Moments, part V

Gamble Gardens
Palo Alto

Call me crazy, but I really love it when the camera captures un-posed photos. Isabella was enjoying her "time out" way too much! A true toddler & mama moment!

I love Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto! I think I've made it perfectly clear to Brian that I really, really want a garden like this someday (okay, maybe on a smaller scale). And living in Palo Alto, I could definitely handle that!

California Moments, part IV

While visiting Jon & Angela we had the opportunity to tour Jon's workplace, NASA: Ames Research Center. Brian loved the experience of flying a Boeing 747 (simulation, of course) and he did a great handling take off and landing. Now he anticipates the cinematic moment when he can stand as the flight attendant announces over the intercom, "Our captain has become incapacitated, anyone know how to fly this plane."
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