August 7, 2008

Playing at the Park

Morgan Stanley rented out the Wollman Rink at Central Park for an employee event. During the summer is transformed into a small amusement park called, Victorian Gardens. I was amazed how many little carnival rides they could fit on a ice rink. Isabella (and us too) had a great time.

Music in the Park

We went down to Madison Square Park on Tuesday with friends for the free kids concert that they have every Tuesday & Thursday. We've been a few times this summer but this week's group, Opus Ditty, was my favorite; a bit more calm, no crazy wigs/hair and some good ole kids folk music. I loved the banjo!

Mouse & Bunny Get a Diaper Change

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new phase Isabella has entered into. She has begun to pretend and it is so sweet, silly, and fun! Sometimes she pretends she is sleeping with her eyes closed tight, scowled forehead and lips puckered. Othertimes, her stuffed Piglet gets to do just about everything she does: eat pasta, sit on the potty, suck on a binky. But my favorite is when she asks for the "why, why, why" (the wipes). She then finds the changing pad, gets a diaper and goes to work. I love how focused she is when she gets going: lays down the pad, puts the bunny (or mouse, or Piglet, or babydoll), wipes their bottoms and then attempts to put a relatively huge diaper on them. Today she even requested the diaper cream (since she's had a rash lately and has needed it herself). That's when I had to really "teach" about pretend, watch closely and make sure Piglet didn't become covered in Butt Paste.
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