September 1, 2011

One of those mornings

*One child awake two hours earlier than usual.
*Two children awake 1.5 hours early.
*One cup of milk splattered everywhere.  Including the couch, 'cause we live in a tiny place and the couch is right next to the table.
*One cup of hot chocolate spilled all over the floor when an older sister was attempting to share with a younger brother.
*Two beastly cockroaches smashed and discarded.  Thanks to my heroic husband!
*One child's skinned elbow, knee and hip cleaned and bandaged.  After she went running with her daddy ('cause she was up 2 hours early).

All before 8am?!

Now we are headed across town to get a x-ray of Oliver's pinky finger that was smashed over the weekend.

Do you know what that all means?  Today is going to only get better!  (Half my floor has been freshly mopped!)  Seriously, it's going to be awesome.  I am determined that today will be an awesome day!

Okay, make that 2 cups of spilled milk...
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