July 25, 2013

The Little Cottage in the Woods

Last year Brian's great aunt Doris passed away at 99 years old.  She lived in the most quaint little cottage at the edge of the state forest.  Brian's great uncle Alvin (aka Ally) built the home, the bridges, and all the beauty around it.  The pond was the ice pond that Brian's great grandpa (Albert, who immigrated from Northern Italy) dug out from the stream.  They dug out the ice from the pond during the winter and used it for refrigeration during the warmer months.  It was later that Ally took over the property and built a home on it and turned it into a very magical place.

After Doris' passing, her home and beautiful property was sold to a good family friend.  It was hard to see it go, but we are very fortunate it was sold to such great people who will let us visit there often.

During one of our visits there in May (before the sale closed) I snapped lots of photos; wanting to capture that lovely piece of property and family history for us to remember.  These photos were taken on Mother's Day this year.

These next few photos were taken when I jogged up on my morning run one day in May.  The pond was very still and the light radiant that morning.

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