February 20, 2012

The Lost Tooth

One late night in Paso Robles, Brian and I were waiting not-so-patiently in our hotel bathroom while the kids fell asleep in the hotel room. We were all tired from driving all day in the rain on our way to visit Brian's grandparents in San Luis Obispo.

After numerous attempts to get the kids to sleep we thought we were successful until a little knock sounded on the bathroom door. Out of frustration I firmly bellowed, "Go back to bed!" The little knock came again. I opened the door. Isabella squinted from the bright light, held out her tooth in her palm and grinned a bloody grin.

She had finally lost her first tooth!
I love how in her mind (and a bit in my mind too) loosing a tooth is a right of passage. She's been wanting a loose tooth since she started school and was surrounded by kids bragging and sharing stories of lost teeth. This seems to be the beginning of the passage from little kid to big kid. For me, it's exciting and scary at the same time. She really needs to stop growing up!



After all the excitement and photos we put her tooth in a little container, she stashed it under her pillow and promptly fell asleep. The instant she woke up in the morning, she flipped over on her knees looked under the pillow and excitedly retrieved her gift from the tooth fairy. And then she shook her daddy awake to share the exciting news.

Later that day, from the backseat of the rental car, she inquired, "Did you really leave the money under the pillow?"





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