May 25, 2011

When life gives you rain...

make rainbows!

I think yesterday was the first day in the last two weeks that it didn't rain.  We decided we needed some rainbows to celebrate the sunshine.

I can usually commiserate with others over such gloomy weather.  But I've actually enjoyed the rain these last couple of weeks.  Some reasons I'm grateful for the rain:

  1. We had relief from our seasonal allergies (Isabella and I).
  2. There wasn't a desperate to be outside as much as possible and therefore we were on schedule.  Something my little Oliver needs.
  3. It is so amazingly green!!!  I love it!  As we were walking down our street today Isabella asked, "Is this Georgia?" (meaning Savannah) "It is so beautiful, just like Georgia!"

Right Now

Swinging in the blessed sunshine. Oh sunshine, we've missed you so!!!
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