June 29, 2010

Sleepy Super Girl

Brian is working late tonight.  Oliver is in bed, fast asleep.  I was cleaning the kitchen.  And Isabella was winding down to a bit of Finding Nemo.

A fun, full day playing with friends and scooting miles around the city is the only thing that can tucker out this Super Girl.

June 27, 2010

Right Now

Happened upon a Jewish wedding in Central Park. Complete with pink bow
ties and a banjo player.

June 21, 2010

Capturing A Jump

Isabella is my high energy gal.  She is constantly running, jumping, or "galloping".  All over our city, everywhere we go.  While Oliver naps we turn on fun music and she jumps on the bed; several times a day.  Attempting to capture her jumping...

June 15, 2010

Run, Run, Run

Last Saturday I ran in the New York City Mini 10K (not quite sure why it's called "mini").  It's a womens only race but draws a lot of amazing athletes.  This year Paula Radcliffe (holds the world record for fastest marathon) and 11 olympians (whose names I  do not know...sorry).  They beat me by mere seconds, I'm sure.  I had a blast and reached my goal of running an average of 9:20 min/mile and finished in about 57 minutes.  Although my body was tired and sore the rest of the day I felt high on life.

I had a blast starting the race with these two amazing ladies!  Stephanie on the left and Sunny in the middle.

Oliver's Little Celebration

We are not huge party planners around here, especially for 1st birthdays.  I really feel like it's a celebration of, "Wow!  We made it!  One year with all this craziness!"  Oliver's day was filled with fun tasks of laundry and cleaning (catching up after our visitors had left).  And then ended with a bit of fountain play, pizza, and dessert from Magnolia.  (FYI: I'm not a huge fan of Magnolia's cupcakes--what they are famous for--but LOVE their key lime cheesecake!)

I've been on a sugar fast (okay, some days/weeks are better than others) since Thanksgiving.  And my plan was to do it until Oliver's birthday.  I partied the whole weekend and now I'm back to a sugar free life.  So, maybe his little celebration was more for my own indulgence...maybe.

Sister Comes for a Visit

We were very excited to have my sister, Anika, and her family come visit for almost a week.  We tried our best to balance tons of fun with enough rest time to enjoy everything with the kids.  It was so much fun and can't wait til next time!

Of course we had to ride the subway.

And devour treats from the Doughnut Plant.

Played in the fountain at Washington Sq Park.

Anyone know where this is?

Chilly ride on the Staten Island Ferry.

Walked up the Hudson River.

Gillian showing her belly while Isabella snapped a photo.

Played at Rockefeller Park.

Posed like creatures at the American Museum of Natural History.

June 11, 2010

Oliver: 1 YEAR!!!!

Happy Birthday Oliver!!!

How did that little (okay, he was big) baby become my big boy?

I have loved getting to know Oliver this year.  He is such a joy, a gift, a blessing.  I am grateful for his laughter, his constant proclaiming of, "DA!" to everyone.  I love watching his little body crawl; he's become a speedy little guy.  This last month he's perfected the crawl.  With this new freedom he's not only getting where he wants to go, but getting what he wants.  He screams so loud and dramatically if something is taken out of his hands.  More so than if he bonks his head.  Oliver is, by definition, perpetual motion.  Putting pajamas on him is like putting pajamas on a greasy jack rabbit.  I've got a feeling, this sweet boy of mine has some pretty good tricks up his sleeve; some surprises for his mama.

He is determined, but careful.  He will only pull himself to a stand if he's secure.  He will rarely tumble and fall on his own (he has a sister to help him with that).  He loves to eat grapes, beans & rice, oatmeal, yogurt and meat.  If he doesn't like a food, it gets tossed like a baseball.  The completion of his meal is signaled by smashing food into his hair.  My attempts to teach him sign language have proven unsuccessful, so far.  One day he had "water" down, but has since reverted to yelling.  Whatever works, right?!

Oliver loves phones! If he gets his hands on one, prying it out is about as traumatic as a shot from the doctor.  And all objects are now a phone.  Pen, tiara, cheerio, you name it.  He will put it up to his ear and firmly say, "A-DA!" then hand it to you to take a turn.

Sweet kisses could be his nickname.  He loves, loves, loves to give big, wet, open mouth kisses.  He's practicing blowing kisses, which is so sweet!

He is a big tease.  Putting choking hazards in his mouth, making eye contact and crawling briskly away while giggling or touching cords and smiling at me.  You know, fun stuff.

Music is a favorite of his.  Not so much what is coming out of iTunes, but playing instruments and singing together.  He created his own signs for "itsy-bitsy spider," "paddy-cake," and "twinkle little star."  Singing calms him down just about every time things go awry.  Every night we rock and sing before bedtime. 

Although his demeanor has become much more serious lately he still loves to smile and laugh.  It just takes a bit more effort.  He loves hide and seek, peek-a-boo, tickles and being chased.  His full body, belly laugh is so contagious.

Oliver, we love you!!!

As a bit of a side note, but still related, since Memorial Day my mind has frequently reflected on "this time last year".  I was so huge, so uncomfortable, but still trying so hard to stay positive and enjoy life.  Some of those moments and days last year are still so vivid in my memory, they have brought tears to my eyes.  Looking back, I'm grateful for that time, even though it was emotionally and physically painful.  I felt so alone, but now I know I was in God's hands.  His love for me and this little boy are so obvious, so apparent.  If you want a recap of Oliver's dramatic birth, you can read it here.
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