August 31, 2009

Right Now

Having so much at the annual Morgan Stanley family party. This year is
a disco dance theme. Even with budget cuts they throw a pretty fun
family party!

Excuse the blurry flash on the iPhone.

Back to School

One of the blogs I occasionally read is offering some back-to-school "classes". I've decided to participate when I have a free moment, or two. Monday's are creative writing and I chose to simply list some writing projects I would like to undertake in the future. We are encouraged to post our work on our blogs; which is really quite scary for me. As a reminder to those visiting (and myself), the purpose of this blog is to record the adventures of me and my family. This is a personal endeavor.

Writing projects I'd like to do someday:

~The man, his dog and the subway door: how that almost happened to Isabella and me
~Cinque Terre
~Motherhood in Manhattan: lessons in sublime survival
~The influences of powerful women in my life
~Life on Leach Road: the scent of eucalyptus
~Isabella: my great grandmother, my daughter
~My dream home: love, peace, warmth and a garden
~The Humanity Project: short stories of kindness among strangers in a big city
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