November 30, 2011

Our Play Space

It's kind of funny how things happen sometimes.  I really enjoy browsing blogs on my downtime (rare, but true).  Blogs are quick bits of inspiration that don't require a time commitment.  Perfect to do while nursing or waiting on the subway platform.  One blog that I enjoy, Childhood 101, began posting readers' play spaces a few weeks ago.  It was fun and inspiring to see "normal" people's spaces.

Every time I looked at our disheveled bookcase, crammed with kids stuff, I thought, "Maybe I'll clean it out one day and send in a photo."  And that thought morphed into, "If I do organize our stuff I will send in a photo."  Which would be a fun way to share a bit of our space with a group of worldwide blog readers.

I had begun to mentally clean out the kids' shelves a few weeks before my hands were free to do the work.  I cleaned and organized for just about an hour (a benefit of a small space) before it looked good.  I snapped a few photos and submitted it to Childhood 101.  A few days ago I noticed our space was featured on Childhood 101!  It's so fun to see it there; our little home.  Hopefully it will inspire others who live in tight spaces.  You can see the bit I wrote about our space on Childhood 101 or view other play spaces on the site as well.

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