October 1, 2009

Right Now

Hanging out in Times Square.

Today at the Met

We went with some friends on a spontaneous adventure to the Met. It was crazy-fun! Okay, mostly crazy!

This one is for the Grandmas...

One afternoon I was in my room feeding/changing/burping Oliver and I heard an unfamiliar sound. After a minute or two I thought I better check it out, just to make sure... (A few weeks ago the kitchen flooded because someone left the water running and didn't instantly check out, "what's that noise?" We are learning!) This is what I found:

My first instinct was to say "no" but then I realized, she's really sewing. I had been working on some birthday crowns for friends and I guess she was watching more closely than I thought.
As I watched her closely I was amazed. She did every step in the right order: put fabric under foot, put food down on fabric, press on the pedal, stop at the edge of the fabric, make sure the needle is up, lift foot, pull out fabric, and snip with scissors. It was impressively odd.

And this is her finished product...all by herself!

Bronx Zoo

Last Wednesday (pay what you want day!!!) we went to the Bronx Zoo. It was so perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, not too crowded, and lots of animals were out and about. Next time we go I think Isabella is expecting to ride on a camel with her daddy...

What We Doing Today?

Most mornings Isabella asks, "What we doing today, Mom?" We've been busy, so busy I haven't stopped to blog. Busy just hanging out, having fun, and LOVING the fall weather. Well, today is a little chilly...and that's why I'm home blogging. Here are a few photos and more posts should follow...

This girl leaves the house prepared!
She almost always has to carry something out the door. I'll tell you, a pair of flip-flops, a makeup bag of finger puppets, and sunglasses are much easier to stuff into my bag than a large baby doll (or scooter)!

All born within 3 months, and we all use to live within a few blocks of each other. AND three of our husbands are named Brian. Babies are lined up in order of age: Eleanor, Riley, Oliver, & Rial.

One evening Oliver started fussing when I thought he was asleep. This is how I found him when I went to check on him. I was cracking up, and then he was too. How did he do that?! Really!

Brian has started to teach Isabella how to use the camera. Not bad, eh?! Especially considering it is half her size.
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