July 20, 2012

Summer...so far!

We have been experiencing a very unusual summer. I should clarify that this summer is unusual for us; probably not for the majority of families in the U.S. We have decided to live the "typical" family life this summer. Brian's aunt is generously letting us stay in her basement (next door to Brian's parents' home) in a beautiful town in Connecticut. It's been heavenly!

So far we have bee doing a lot of swimming, berry picking, fresh corn eating, playing, partying, hiking, fort building, and eating lots of ice cream. It has been wonderful and relaxing.

We took a leap of financial faith and bought a car. An awesome, used, very fuel efficient 2004 Honda Civic. Although, to put things in (financial) perspective, it cost about the same as 2 months rent. And the future of the car (once summer fun is over) is still undetermined. So far it has been a great, well used purchase.

Brian has been using megabus ($5/ticket) to travel back and forth for the weekends.

Again, all photos were taken and uploaded via my phone...sorry they are not the best quality (and out of order), but I love them anyway!

hiking in Cotton Hollow

swinging on Grandma's swing
Cotton Hollow
Robb's Farm (we love their ice cream!)
I love this crazy girl!
At Robb's Farm
 a hot little cutie at Rose's Berry Farm
Cousin James' 1st birthday party
at Rose's Berry Farm
Belltown Hill Orchards
awesome homemade slip 'n slide
Grandma's vacuum haircut--he thought it was cool
building a fort near the Connecticut River
jumping in!!
getting her face under the water has been a HUGE accomplishment this summer
Cotton Hollow
Dondero Orchards
Connecticut River
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