March 12, 2011

Sensory Tub

After this incident a little while back I was thinking the kids really haven't had much sensory play since we have spent so much time inside.  (We limit baths during the winter because of their crazy dry skin.)  The snow and ice was still packed on top of the sandboxes at the playgrounds so I brought out a tub of rice and let the kids play, pour and enjoy.  They were engrossed for quite a while, but I had to put an end to the fun once Oliver started tossing the rice around.  Bonus points: they also enjoyed helping me vacuum and sweep up the mess!

Foil Painting

Instead of painting on plain old white paper I wrapped some foil around cardboard (from cereal boxes) and let the kids at it.  It was fun and messy, as usual.

Simon's blessing day

Last weekend was one of my craziest!  (Right up there with moving Thanksgiving weekend--along the parade route--while 9 months pregnant and mothering two children). We had planned on blessing Simon in our ward on Sunday, but Brian's dad was unable to leave his (Brian's) grandma who is quite ill, so we chose to have Simon blessed at Brian's parents' ward.  At 12noon on Friday we decided to go to CT and by 2:30pm we were on the train in Grand Central (I'm amazed at my packing skillz).  It was a weekend filled with awesome carrot cake (for my birthday), the worst vomit episode ever via Isabella, and Simon receiving a beautiful blessing.

Brian blessed Simon with a bounty of beautiful blessings.  I love that he was blessed with a love of learning and a sense of humor.  Learning and laughter are two things we live daily.

Pimp my {stroller} ride

We finally traded in our old Maclaren for this sweet ride:

Britax B-Ready with 2nd seat!
They are quite pleased with it as well.
I've been eyeing this stroller for a few months.  After researching and reading tons of reviews I decided this is the double stroller that would best suit our city traveling needs.  It just came to the market last summer, so it was impossible to find a used one.

But, Brian's sister found us an amazing deal.  Currently Britax has a promotion going on where you can get the 2nd seat free.  And then we bought ours at Buy Buy Baby which accepts Bed Bath & Beyond coupons (check fine print for exclusions).  So, we got this sweet ride (normally $650) for a sweet deal ($400).

As the novelty wears off Isabella will be back scooting all over the city and Simon will be strolling.
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