August 12, 2012


There's something about this girl and loosing her teeth while on vacation. We are currently in Boston. She just lost her 3rd tooth!!! It's her first top tooth and she looks SO different! I'm kind of excited and a little nervous about those new big teeth that will be making their way in. No doubt she will still be beautiful, but it sure changes the look of a kid.

We should start mapping where she looses her teeth:

1st--San Luis Obispo, CA (in a hotel, late at night)
2nd--Newport, RI (in the Creamery, the tooth was completely lost and never found)
3rd--Boston, MA (in a hotel pool)

This girl gets around. I wonder where the 4th one will be lost.

Oh! That reminds me...the tooth fairy forgot to come last night (shoot!)...but Isabella's still sleeping...
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