November 15, 2007

Last Valentine's Day Brian put this video together for me. I absolutely love it and want to share it on here. I tear up every time.


Yesterday I strapped Isabella on with the Ergo and we went in search of St. Lukes in the Field and the amazing garden that I've recently learned about. The description I had read said it was 2 acres. It didn't seem like 2 acres. When I was growing up on a farm I'm pretty sure my mom said it was just under an acre of land and it seemed like a lot of space. So either the St. Lukes in the Field is all on 2 acres (church, school, homes, etc) or an acre is much smaller than I remembered as a child. (Doesn't the whole world seem bigger when you're a kid?)

Anyway, the garden was lovely and I think it is fantastic that it is available and open to the community. But it was smaller than I expected (and expectations can change everything). Isabella fell asleep before we got there so the photos are of the landscape, which is beautiful.
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