October 16, 2012

Why I don't bake anymore...

I just found this treasure in the hot oven. Formerly a plastic toy plate. Surprisingly (and very fortunately) it wasn't dripping or smoking. The oven has been on for a good 15 minutes preheating for some delicious bread.

For the record, Simon is the culprit. He loves to play in the kitchen and I've found many toys in the oven--always before turning it on.

October 4, 2012

You know your kid is a New Yorker when...

...he is terrified by an episode of Curious George. A specific episode when George gets separated from The Man with the Yellow hat in the subway system. George hops on a train and The Man is left on the platform. It, obviously, all turns out well (which makes me think I should have turned off the show, because I don't want Oliver to think it's all okay).

Oliver rarely gets scared. He knows subways. And he knows the rules. I'll take this healthy fear of subway separation.

I thought him expressing fear over this show was quite....curious.
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