January 1, 2012

Activity Advent: Making Gifts

We spent a couple of days making gifts for others.  It's not an easy thing making a gift for someone else, who lives in the same house...when your house only has two rooms.  I was super stealth a couple of times and was able to hide things at the last moment.  It made the merry making even more exciting.  Isabella, wide-eyed and bouncing on her tippy-toes, "Mom, hurry!  Hide it!  He's coming!"

Isabella and Oliver are really into letters right now.  I found some ideas on Design Mom that I thought they might like to do.  And they loved it.  It was a lot of fun doing these projects with them.

monogrammed mugs
glittered initials
I added a little paint to the glue (watered down) so he could see where he put it.
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