June 15, 2009


born Thursday, June 11 at 5:36pm
9 pounds, 2 ounces, 21 inches

Welcome baby boy! We are so glad you've finally come!

Here's his story:

On Thursday morning I realized I was having minor contractions so I went to the hospital and checked in at 10am. After several hours of labor I was not dilating past 5 cm, but the contractions were becoming more intense and closer together. (This is similar to Isabella's birth.) At 3pm I asked for an epidural.

Drug relief finally arrived around 4pm. (Oh, how good those drugs felt!) As soon as I began to feel relief from pain we lost the baby's heartbeat, my heart rate dropped fast and the doctors and nurses became very intense and focused. With a shot of ephedrine into my IV and oxygen mask pulled over my face I watched the nurse as she moved the monitor around my belly searching...searching...searching. Nothing...no heartbeat. I cried.

After an eternity of searching, a faint heartbeat came back onto the monitor. Luckily it came back strong. A little after 5pm my doctor arrived; her on-call shift had started! After being checked again I was finally open and the baby was moving down the birth canal. But with each contraction his heartbeat would drop. She wasn't sure what was wrong but knew he needed to get out soon. She sat at the foot of the bed, got everyone in position and had me push. I pushed and pushed and pushed. She wanted that baby out NOW!

It was the craziest, most intense moment I've ever experienced. Brian said Oliver came out deep, dark purple. The cord was wrapped completely around him. Once his head was out and the doctor saw the cord wrapped up tight (holding him hostage) she reached inside me with scissors and cut the cord so I could push him the rest of the way out. I had to push about 10 superman, do-this-or-you-will-die pushes before he was finally out.

After all post delivery tasks were taken care of, and Oliver was well, my doctor said, "That was one of the more dramatic deliveries I've ever had. I'll definitely remember that one."

I am very grateful for Dr. Bradley's skill, knowledge and expertise. Looking back, I also recognize there were many heavenly hands helping Oliver and me during those intense moments. We are so blessed all ended well in the delivery room.

Our sweet, little Oliver is such a treasure! We are so glad he has finally arrived!
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