May 26, 2012

Living Outside

We are enjoying the long weekend at Brian's parents' house in Connecticut. It's been lovely and relaxing. I'm longing for a backyard, so my kids can play, roam, get wet and dirty It feels like the perfect way to grow up. It feels gleeful and magical. It feels like what childhood should be.

May 24, 2012

Right Now: Drenched

Yesterday when I checked the forecast it said sunny skies all day today. I had to run an errand 2 (short) blocks away. No rain when I left the house, so I didn't take an umbrella. Half way there and it started pouring.  I was drenched within seconds.

Oh NYC, I love you! Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

May 15, 2012

Right Now: Trucks

Oliver insisted we stop and watch the cement trucks. It was quite fascinating as they poured cement into a pipe that led into a building. It was a fun teaching moment. It was fun and quite serious (note Oliver's expression) at the same time.

May 10, 2012

"I" for Isabella

Isabella's art is currently on display at a gallery inside Columbia University's Teachers College.  The student teacher (Ms. Wall) in her art class picked a couple of pieces of art to go to the art show and her's was chosen. It is a paper mache "I"...for Isabella.  Ms. Coleman (her actual art teacher) said that Isabella had a done a great job with painting a pattern, one of the techniques they were working on at the time.  And, it's true, I was amazed at the very consistent pattern on the entire, rather large, "I".

We were able to go and enjoy the reception, celebrating the artists and their teachers, last Friday.  The event wasn't something we discussed with other friends from school since only a few kids were selected.  But we were pleasantly surprised that one of Isabella's favorite friends from her class was also there; with her letter "A".

After much prodding we were able to finally get Isabella to stand next to her "I" with her brothers (who didn't want to stand still, of course).  And then later, with her friend.  And a little later she was willing to pose with me and her "I".  Never by herself.

Once these girls warmed up to the crazy crowded reception, and the attention they were getting for their job-well-done, they were adorable and hilarious.  It was fun that they were able to share this moment together.

Isabella, I'm sure, will continue to amaze us as she has these last five (and a half!) years.  I'm glad we can share these creative celebrations with her.  But I love the daily moments I get to have with her where she is constantly creating, sharing and amazing me.

May 5, 2012

Right Now: Central Park

I'm finding my zen as my kids run free in my new (to me) favorite lawn in Central Park. Breathing deep. (It's just south of the Swedish Cottage, if you are curious.)

May 2, 2012

Bringing in the Wash

This morning I was grumbling.  Grumbling because the clothes dryers in our building still have not been fixed.  Grumbling because laundry had to be done today.  Grumbling because Isabella has been sick and was completely out of all clean clothes.  Grumbling because I had to take all our clothes, with three kids (one slightly sick) to the laundromat two blocks away.  And, to top it off, it was raining.  (grumble, grumble)  Well, it was barely sprinkling, but, to me, it felt like a downpour.

Our trip to the laundromat looked something like this: Isabella skipping (obviously feeling better), me dragging Oliver who was crying because he wanted to sit in the stroller, Simon strapped on my back and the laundry piled high into the stroller.  At the time I was ready to cry.  But, in hindsight, I really should have stopped and taken a picture of us all walking down the street.  It was pretty amazing.  (A mama with 3 kids turns heads on the UWS.   A mama with 3 kids and pushing laundry down the street.  You would have thought I was an alien!)

But, you know what?!  We got to the laundromat and my kids had a blast!  They loved helping me with the laundry.  They loved pushing each other all around in the carts.  They loved dumping the soap in, adding money to the card, pushing the buttons.  Most of all they loved the attendant, Elizabeth, who played with them the entire time.  The kids were so happy to be at that grimy, dirty little basement laundromat.  I couldn't help but smile.  I felt so happy too.  I was so glad that I had dragged them all out, in the rain, to do laundry.  It was exactly what we needed today.  Crazy, but true.

While I was wallowing in my egocentric pity-party this morning I remembered this TED Talk.  And I was grateful that I have a washing machine (or at least access to washing machines).  I am grateful my laundry is done in 2 hours with push of a button (and several quarters).  Even if I do have to haul it two blocks.  It's so much easier than washing it all by hand.  How fortunate I am!

Last week this was our living room.  I had washed two loads before I noticed the dryers weren't working.  I was longing for a backyard, with a clothesline.


Isabella told me she hopes the dryers don't get fixed for a few more weeks.  I completely understand.
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