September 12, 2009

Going the Distance

Carrying my sweet, big boy Oliver for 41 weeks really took a lot out of me. (Remember this and this.) I feel so fortunate to have had a quick recovery and the summer to work on getting back into shape. I delivered him 3 months ago yesterday. (New photos soon!)

So today I ran in a race. I was afraid I might have been pushing too hard, but I did it and I feel GREAT! It was a 4 mile run in Central park and I finished in 36 min/4 sec. (My goal was 36 min!!!)

Below is a photo from May 2005, when I was in top physical condition. Brian, Spencer and I were on a 300 mile bike ride from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, D.C. I thought that ride was going to kill me, but I did it and I felt so strong. I actually think of this photo often as I'm running in the mornings.

I'm finally feeling strong again and I love it!

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