April 29, 2008

Wandering in the West Village

Brian took last Friday off of work just because it was so beautiful (and he didn't have any meetings!). It was a fantastic day. I love just hanging out with Brian in the city. We wandered a lot, which we love to do. I love the West Village and tend to get off the subway there when I'm in a wandering mood. Even though I've been to the corner of Greenwich Ave and Avenue of the Americas many, many times the Jefferson Market Garden never really caught my eye (and gardens in NYC always catch my eye). Being there on such a gorgeous spring afternoon with all the flowers in bloom how could I miss it. The garden gates were open and we, of course, wandered in.

I hope to have a garden someday and I will grow all sorts of beautiful things in that dream garden. In my dream garden I have a conservatory that looks exactly like the one in the Jefferson Market Garden. I LOVE it!

After our jaunt in the garden I spotted a toy store across the street. I needed to get a gift for my good friend's baby shower so it was great. Kid O was a fantastic, fun store full of wood toys and other colorful, creative items for little ones.

After reading Amanda Soule's book The Creative Family I've decided I want to have better quality toys for my little one to play with. She only plays with plastic. For some reason, it seems healthier and more wholesome to have good, wooden (or any natural fiber) toys to learn with. But instead of buying Isabella good, wholesome toys, I bought my friend some. Maybe next time.
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