April 4, 2014

Capturing the Everyday

It has been way too long since I posted.  I think of posting, but I feel like I should dedicate a post or two (or three) to thoughts on our travels.  But all that travel chaos is still pretty jumbled in my mind.  Someday it may come out, in a shareable manner, but for now I realize it is best to move on.  It is time to focus on the now and share what is wonderful, right now.

I've become lazy in my photo taking.  Not lazy, as in, not taking photos.  I still take way too many photos.  Lazy, as in, I just use my phone.  I switched from the iPhone 4s to the moto x a few months ago (and then I cracked--my unrepairable--screen.  Lovely, I know.)  But I miss the nice quality photos the iPhone took.  They were, for a phone, beautiful photos.  But I've be lazy and not been taking photos with my DSLR camera.

This past week spring weather has finally graced the northeast!!!  With spring weather I feel myself beginning to come out of my winter hibernation and stretching a bit.  I generally stray away from setting New Year's resolutions, because I know once spring comes I naturally feel this sense of renewal.  A desire to redirect some habits.  The ability to change and become better.  A bit of spring cleaning on my life--and habits--if you will.

This week I felt the desire to pull out my Nikon D40.  Despite it being an "old" camera (by today's rapidly changing technology standards) and the lens and sensors being dirty, it still takes lovely photos.  It feels good capturing the beauty around me.  And living in an apartment with an abundance of natural light sure helps a lot too.

morning stretches
At the Mystic Aquarium


homemade bread and honey butter 

typical morning
my beautiful Isabella
evening light
sunset walk

rolling out spinach pasta
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