May 2, 2011

Travel Deal!

Brian has an amazing knack for finding good deals.  Especially when it comes to travel (and technology).  Many friends and family have asked for tips on how to find great deals.  It's not so much "tips" that I can offer, but signing up for the right promotion at the right time.

So, I just want to give you a heads up about the current deal we just signed up for.  It's through British Airways (also American Airlines).  It is a credit card, so I hesitate sharing it with some of my credit dependent loved ones.  Please be wise and don't sign up for the card unless you can.  We have never had credit card debt.  We just pay off our bill every month and reap the rewards that the card offers.

This deal can earn you up to 100,000 flight miles which translates into 4 round trip domestic flights or two round trip flights to some international locations (i.e. London).  There are, obviously, some restrictions on flights.  But I'm all about free flights!!!

You can find details on the deal on this blog.  Here's the link to British Airways official page.  I believe you have to sign up by May 6.

Happy travels!
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