July 10, 2009

True Story!

Two Saturdays back I had a party scheduled for a sweet little girl. Late that morning my assistant, Allison, came by my apartment, picked up the huge duffel bag full of kids science experiments, the cooler filled with dry ice and then headed to the Upper West Side to entertain a bunch of rowdy 5 year olds.

About 15 minutes later Allison called. My mind raced, "Did I forget to give her something?" "Is she lost?"

In a panicked voice she related how she paid the cabbie, told him to open the trunk and hopped out. Then the cab took off! Fast! With all the party supplies! She chased after the cab for three blocks and almost caught him stopped at a red light, but the light changed at the wrong time and she never caught him.

Since the party was about to begin and the "show must go on" I threw a whole 'nother party together in minutes and dashed down to the UWS in record time. Fortunately the kids were occupied with a craft, the mom was mellow, and I had a few fabulous gals who got everything set up quick. After getting all the supplies ready and making sure the mom and birthday girl were happy I headed home to feed my famished newborn and rest my healing body.

As for the duffel bag and cooler...Allison spent hours on the phone shuffling through the Taxi Commision beaurocracy, filing a police report and finally finding the supplies stuck out in Queens at "Taxi Fleet Managment". Last Friday while Brian and I had a car to go to the beach we stopped by the said Queens location. I walked in and waited. Within a few minutes, a man hauled the dufflebag and cooler out from the back and handed them over without saying a word.
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