October 22, 2011

Madison Square Eats

In the spring Brian (my purveyor of all cool things in the city) told me about Madison Square Eats.  Several food vendors (food trucks and/or Brooklyn based) set up shop at Madison Sq Park for a month.  Problem was: Brian told me on the last day they were running and I desperately wanted to go.  I made him promise to inform me of such things farther in advance.  'Cause my get-up-and-go for spontaneous adventuring is finally weakening with three wee ones.  (Sleepless nights are my kryptonite!)

In September he held true to his promise and told me Madison Square Eats was luckily happening again Sept 23-Oct 21.  I was so excited!  I had visions of me meeting Brian for lunch there at least once a week and tasting all that is to be tasted.  On Thursday evening (Oct 20) Brian asked, "So are you going to go to Madison Sq Eats?"

"Of course!" I replied.  I was sure I was only a week behind and had plenty of more days to go.

"I think tomorrow is the last day." he warned.  I googled it.  He was right.  A whole month had slipped through my fingertips.  Yikes!

Fortunately, I had nothing planned for lunch on Friday.  Fortunately, Brian's schedule was light enough that he could join me.  Fortunately, the weather was beautiful.  Fortunately, Oliver was willing and able to nap in the stroller (and slept the whole time).

It was crowded (which I expected).  I couldn't maneuver a double stroller through the crowds or find a table to sit at.  Brian held tight to the food lines and I held tight to the stroller.

Next time I will try and go before 12noon or in the 3pm lull.  It's a NYC lesson I've learned from a lot of experience.  If you want to go eat somewhere popular--especially with kids--go before 12noon or 3-5pm.  Another rule I have is, I tend to judge food by the length of its line.  Which isn't always a positive correlation (frequently, but not always).  It's also a hard rule to follow if you are short on time or really hungry.  (Now I'm thinking of all the rules I follow for eating out...maybe I'll write another post on that...someday.)

Asian flavors + hotdogs = yummy from Asiadog
We finally tried the famous momofuku crack pie.  "Crack" cause it will leave you with a splitting sugar headache.  Yes, it was tasty (it's 99% cream + sugar!!).  And, yes, completely overhyped (read: not worth waiting in a long line for). 
Also pictured: Milk Truck's yummy vanilla shake.
Roberta's Pizza: "The Speck"
Even with all that good food, this baby was still the most delicious thing around!
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